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Emerald Capital Partners takes a minority position in a subsidiary of American Power Partners, a leading Power Generation project developer and operator with focus on the ERCOT deregulated market in Texas.

Emerald Capital Partners (, has partnered with American Power Partners ( to develop and operate a 200MW Solar Power Project in the ERCOT market in Texas.

American Power Partners, and their preferred vendor PIP (Power Infrastructure Partners) have unrivalled experience and reputation in the Texas market, and can deliver full turnkey projects, from initial conceptual engineering all the way through the value cycle to operation of the facility.

Managing Partner of Emerald Capital Partners, Lawrence Quinn states, “We always pride ourselves on working with Management Teams that are a true unit, working together as friends chasing a transformative vision. We see the Texas Power market in general becoming critically under-served in the future as Demand continues to surge in the face of supply fundamentals that will struggle to keep pace. Our partnership with American Power Partners seeks to address this going forward, while furthering our interest in pursuing opportunities with significant potential to further society’s ESG goals.”

“In partnership with Emerald Capital Partners, American Power Partners will develop and operate numerous dispatchable resource assets in a safe, reliable and economically sustainable manner within the ERCOT market for many years to come. We are honored to partner with ECP, their team brings a vast array of power experience and credibility to the ERCOT market – but more importantly, both teams truly share the same passion and vision for sustainable energy.” – Ryan Nuckolls, Managing Partner of American Energy Partners.



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