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Emerald Capital Partners takes a minority position in Hawaii Land & Power Holdings.

Emerald Capital Partners USA, LLC is announcing that it has taken a minority position in Hawaii Land & Power Holdings, LLC (“HLPH”), a leading renewable energy development firm, with a particular focus on utility-scale firm renewable power generation, renewable fuel(s) production, and energy storage projects which are vertically integrated, designed and intended to support the production and delivery of firm renewable power generation to regional utilities.

David Berryhill, President and CEO of HLPH said, “HLPH has made conscientious decision to concentrate its efforts in areas where it can be most impactful, across the state of Hawaii and The Pacific Northwest.” With over twenty (20) years in Hawaii, HLPH has built an unparalleled book of local knowledge and assembled a strong network of relationships that have provided HLPH strategic advantages over other developers by mitigating project risk and ensuring the successful development of clean, renewable energy projects on a meaningful scale.  HLPH has assembled a team of, contractors, consultants, and advisors across an array of disciplines and skillset which, include engineering, procurement, construction, plant design, providers of prime mover equipment, substation design, interconnection, transmission, legal, permitting, finance, accounting, and public relations.  Each of these entities is best in class, all of which have enabled HLPH to leverage its intellectual assets & relationships in an effort to build a solid pipeline of over $2.2 billion (US$) dollars of vertically integrated renewable fuel and power generation projects under development at the time of this release.

HLPH along with its development partners have already received significant project awards and currently has 875 MWs of brown and greenfield projects of both firm & variable renewable power generation and energy storage under development. In the renewable fuel production space, HLPH has three (3) projects, which include an 8.8 MM Kg/yr green hydrogen production facility, a 2 MM MMBtu / yr RNG project, and a 20 MM gpy Ethanol Facility with CO2 capture under development.  Each of these projects has its own attendant environmental attributes and credits, all of which are intended to decarbonize the regions in which they are sited, and in a significant way. The aggregate of these projects will contribute in a meaningful manner to their respective State’s Renewable Portfolio Standard and also assist Obligated Parties in meeting their annual Renewable Fuel Standard requirements as well.

Managing Partner of ECP, Lawrence Quinn said, “ECP is proud to be operating at the forefront of the energy transition, especially engaging with entities that partner strongly with local communities to help decarbonize their power generation needs.”